These are recollections about the late Estonian scholar who studied classics at the Leningrad State University in middle 1970ies. The author tells about main teachers of Jaan Unt, professors A. I. Dovatur and A. I. Zaicev; it was in those years above all the course of Greek Mythology given by A. I. Zaicev (1926–2000) which provided both knowledge and techniques of interdisciplinary analysis and was therefore substantial for scholarly maturity of Jaan Unt as well as many other students. On returning home Unt translated some medieval works for the Estonian Academy of sciences and taught at the University of Tartu increasingly more courses in diff erent philological disciplines connected with the study of the ancient world, even if his personal scholarly interests were dedicated chiefl y to Greek and Roman philosophy. He took important part in the making of the translation and commentary of Marcus Aurelius in Russian (19851, 19932) and made pioneering translations of important philosophical works from Greek and Latin into Estonian. The work of Jaan Unt, consequently, connects in some way the present and future classical studies in Tartu with those in St. Petersburg.