Sappho 1. 1–4 L.-P.: Throne or Patterns?

The paper is concerned with the meaning and translation of the adjective ποικιλόθρονος used by Sappho as an epithet of the Greek goddess of love in the so-called Ode to Aphrodite. Classical scholars interpret this compound epithet in different ways. The majority of scholars are inclined to understand the second part as the stem θρον- which means ‘throne’. However, as it was proposed by G. Wustmann, this part of the word could be thought to have been derived from θρόνα and thus to be translated as ‘embroidered flowers’. In this paper, I am trying to show that the once suggested reference to embroidered flowers and further to Aphrodite’s charms is more pertinent to the meaning of the ode than a throne.

 Vlada A. Chernysheva. Sappho 1. 1–4 L.-P. Throne or Patterns