Ovids Liebesdichtung

The following article is divided into two parts. The first one deals with a question of co-existence of various poetics in the “Amores” of Ovid. The author discusses it in connection with the poet’s approach to the topic from the very beginning to going beyond the boarders of the Latin love elegy as genre. In this connection, 2, 1 and 3, 12 elegies from the “Amores” are brought to the forefront. The second part of the article studies changes in Ovid’s concept of love and traces it from the “Amores” and the “Art of Love” to the “Heroides” and then to the “Metamorphoses”. Among other things, the author studies Ovid’s different approaches to similar love stories in the earlier and later works of Ovid.

Albrecht M., von. Ovids Liebesdichtung