Comprehension of Plato’s Eros by Plotinus and his followers

In the article it is said about the interpretation of Plato’s studies of Eros and subsequent evolution of his ideas in the philosophy of Newplatonism, first and foremost by Plotinus, Greek philosopher of the 3d century. The concepts of Soul and Body, dialectics of Mind and Soul were determined before Plotinus’ time.
Plotinus works with various rational studies and tries to compound them with mystical ones. Soul, free of chains of Body, wants to merge with the Divine. This is Love to God or to Blessing. Plato’s Eros represents sensual soar of soul to contemplate of the Beauty. Plotinus considers Eros being beyond sensuality. Eros inclinates Soul to Blessing. Man finds Blessing finding Beauty in his soul. The author studies Plato’s dialogues “Symposion”, “Phaedon”, Plotinus’ treatise “About Eros” equally with the receptions of Eros in the Western European culture, represented by Marsilio Ficino (15th century) and in the Russian philosophy in the works of V. Soloviov and N. Berdyaev. N. Berdyaev argues against Plato and Plotinus with their conception of merciless erotic love and studies different aspects of Greek words expressing “love” of one synonymic line.